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Child Custody and Conservators' Rights in Texas

Few issues are as emotional as those involving child custody — and few are as important. While every parent should want what is best for his or her child, often one parent has unreasonable expectations. Having experienced family law attorneys to advise and advocate for the parent's and child's best interests is important. Because every case is different, we are committed to evaluating the individual circumstances and needs of each parent and child.

Because custody battles can be traumatic, the attorneys at the Law Offices of David W. Biles, P.C. work hard to resolve child custody issues and to achieve solutions that are in the best interest of your children. Our family law attorneys have the experience and in-depth familiarity with family courts and judges to provide compassionate advice while always offering skilled and effective representation to parents who are faced with difficult decisions about custody and visitation.

Primary Custody and Geographic Restrictions

A custody case involves the allocation of rights between the custodial parent and the noncustodial parent, as well as where and with whom the child will live. The determination of which parent should have primary custody should take into consideration a wide range of factors, such as living situations, past parenting strengths and weaknesses, ability to prospectively provide a nurturing environment with appropriate attention to school and social relationships, income, location and many others factors, including the preference of the child in some cases.

While Texas law presumes that both parents will be appointed as "joint managing conservators," the distinctions between the rights and obligations allocated to each parent make all the difference in a child's world. These rights and obligations include a parent's right to make decisions about a child's health care, education, selection of a school, extracurricular activities, religion, and other aspects of a child's life that will impact the upbringing of a child.

Geographic restrictions imposed upon a child's residence impact decisions that parents may make when a job change is necessary or a neighborhood changes. Whether to impose a restriction at the time of divorce or to impose or lift a restriction at a later date are complex issues that entail many factors. Evaluating the imposition or lifting of a geographic restriction includes affording the other parent the opportunity to have a meaningful relationship with the child, even if over a long distance.

Our firm can provide you with more information and, most importantly, answers regarding custody and conservators' rights in Texas, as well as grandparents' rights and other custody issues.

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