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Denton Mediation Lawyer

Effective Results Without Trial With a Denton Mediation Attorney

From the inception of our representation, we emphasize preparation so that you and your attorney, together, can navigate the issues in contention and creatively arrive at an agreed settlement if at all possible.

A process that results in settlement of even the most difficult or contentious cases is mediation. Our lawyers have effectively advised and represented clients in mediation of all types of family law cases, whether divorce, custody, modification, and enforcement. There are many advantages to mediation:

  • Significantly reduce the likelihood of going to court to litigate the divorce or other family law matter.
  • Communication is opened for future dialogue.
  • Opportunity for creative solutions to property division, child custody and other issues.
  • Customize a solution suitable to your individual circumstances, rather than a judge or jury imposing their decision upon you in court
  • Parties usually more willing to stick to the original agreement if arrived at amicably.

Effective Mediator

David Biles, as a Board Certified Family Law Specialist, has been a mediator for other parties and attorneys, with an overwhelming success rate at settling even the most complicated and contentious cases. With an attorney who mediates other cases representing you in your own mediation, you are assured of effective and knowledgeable advocacy on your behalf.

Collaborative Law Solutions

Collaborative law is a process in which the parties have committed to avoid the courtroom and to maintain open communications with the other party in conferences attended by parties and their attorneys. Formalities of discovery rules and deadlines are avoided in order to invite candid participation in working towards settlement. Choosing the collaborative process is an individual decision based upon the level of trust in the other party.

At the Law Offices of David W. Biles, our attorneys are committed to assisting clients achieve their objectives, and will always be supportive of alternative dispute resolution processes.

Take the Time to Resolve Your Family Law Issues

If you would like to learn more about mediation and collaborative law as options in your family law matter, contact us at the Law Offices of David W. Biles and get answers to your questions. Schedule an initial consultation by calling our Denton office at 940-566-0566 .